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N B Graphics provides services in advertising products for increased exposure. Specilaised in campaigns, creative promotion, web designing and other printings and electronic media advertisements. Has given services to FMCG, Service Sector, Manufacturing, Financial institutions, IT, Banking, Educational Institutions and NGOs especially involved in educational field. N B Graphics is the most effective and imaginative printing company available for business of any size at competitive prices.

Following are some of the services that we offer, with the infrastructure capacity and capability to produce and deliveron time.







New Technology




The designing section is manned by a team of professionals in the field, equipped with the latest Macintosh Computers with a very high configuration and processors speeds of around 3.0 ghz, thus enabling faster design outputs. We are also equipped In house with a digital color printer, a large format printer capable of printing 20 inches X 30 inches and a couple of laser printers for proof prints and also have facilities of a very high print quality digital color printer.



Plate Making

The plate making section is equipped with a state-of-the-art CTP(computer to plate) machine, which as the name indicates is a machine capable of making plates directly from the computer without any loss of quality.


Printing is done through various printing machines as per the requirement of the job. We have with us 2 lithrone four color offset printing machines equipped with alcohol dumping and computer controlled for a uniform print copy quality. The first copy and the last copy will be identical in all ways including uniformity in color and registration. We also have 4 high speed single color printing machines for single or two color jobs



Binding & finishing

In order to cater to the demands of clients, we offer various other types of binding services including customized binding, spiral binding services, coil binding services, using materials of finest quality. Fully automated machines for cutting, folding, saddle stitching, perfect binding, smyth sewn and cover drawn on, hard cover binding are available. We can also take up specialized projects etc. we offer:-
• Lamination (cold / thermal)
• Scruff Proof Varnish
• Spot And Aqueous uv Coating
• Gold And Colored Foiling And Stamping
• Embossing
• Die Cutting,
• Edge Guilding

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